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Health and Safety At Work Act 2015, Court Ordered Project

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Current Status

Fullers Group Limited sought a work health and safety project order (Section 155 of HSWA) in relation to the Kea incident in November 2017. A Work health and safety project order ‘The Project’ had to be a specific (including content, time and output) project for the general improvement of work health and safety. The Auckland District Court formally granted the order on Friday 5th June 2020. 

The project order is for the development and implementation of a Learning Teams competency framework across a diverse group of Maritime stakeholders. The Project supports up to 10  different stakeholders to participate for a period of 18 to 24 months. 

The project includes the development of;
1) Learning teams competency framework
2) Training resources
3) Assessment tools
4) Facilitation guide
5) Learning teams and facilitation training sessions for 150 to 200 people 
6) Coaching, mentoring and assessment of competency of those participants.

​A case study will be published on the learnings gained from the project and any materials/resources that are developed be publicly and freely available for industry to evaluate and make use of.

Registrations of interest are now being sort for organisations (including commercial and not- for-profits who undertake operations in the maritime sector) who wish to participate in this 18 month to 2 year project.

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Dr Todd Conklin, Phd

Safety Leadership, Learning Team Creator and Author

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Brent Sutton

Project Order 


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Glynis McCarthy

Competency Architect, Lead Facilitator and Educator

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Alistair Thomson

Project Sponsor, Co-ordinator and Facilitator

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