Maritime Learning Teams
Health and Safety At Work Act 2015, Court Ordered Project

Current Status

Mike Horne, Chief Executive - Fullers360
Fullers Group Limited sought a work health and safety project order (Section 155 of HSWA) in relation to the Kea incident in November 2017. A Work health and safety project order ‘The Project’ had to be a specific (including content, time and output) project for the general improvement of work health and safety. The Auckland District Court formally granted the order on Friday 5th June 2020. 

The project order is for the development and implementation of a Learning Teams competency framework across a diverse group of Maritime stakeholders. The project includeed the development of;
1) Learning teams competency framework
2) Training resources
3) Assessment tools
4) Facilitation guide
5) Learning teams and facilitation training sessions
6) Coaching, mentoring and assessment of competency of those participants.
The project order was completed on the 5th August 2023 and the case study has been published on the learnings gained from the project and the materials/resources that were developed.

The transformational change on the ground is now about listening, not telling. The lines of communication that have opened, with 4D’s in particular, and with our people and passengers, has opened our eyes to what is work imagined versus work done. We now see ourselves tackling risks and hazards before they become incidents that present harm – safety has become a powerful capacity for change.

The project has been completed. The project order case study can be downloaded by clicking the image below.

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Dr Todd Conklin, Phd

Safety Leadership, Learning Team Creator and Author

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